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Wisdom for Community Empowerment

University of Phayao is located in the northern part of Thailand. The landscape is surrounded by beautiful nature along with the vision of developing "University for Community Innovation with International Standard". University of Phayao is a national and internationally renowned university. University of Phayao produces quality manpower and standards, research and innovation, maintain and promote local arts and culture while collaborating and networking with public and private organizations to guide and create intelligence for the strength and sustainability of communities and society.

In 2022, The 12th anniversary’s University of Phayao become an advanced educational institution that, along with talent and skilled human resources, produced research as the foundation and drove the country's development, creating new knowledge, leading to transmission and development driven through Innovation and Technology Transfer Institute (UPITI), a supporting and driving area to become a research and innovation university. To strengthen communities, societies and countries, to progress, along with academic services, to build good relationships and to rely on communities and society. Enhance education, generate income, promote good health and alleviate the plight of communities and society in a sustainable way.

The next step of University of Phayao remains focused and driven on technology, innovation, research to develop and strengthen knowledge, as well as develop students to have knowledge, professional standards, to be aware of the technology and English skill that can be communicated. Moreover, student should have skills that respond to the needs of the labor market, and this year, The University of Phayao enter the rankings of world universities continuously. The Impact Rankings 2022 ranks 301-400 in the world and ranked 10th in Thailand out of 1,406 institutions worldwide. In addition, according to the SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR) 2022, University of Phayao is ranked 678th in the world and ranked 9th in Thailand, and the UI Green Metric World Universities Ranking 2022 ranking is ranked 171st in the world and 12th in Thailand by 956 universities worldwide.

In the 12th year, University aims to bring innovation to the strengthen of the community based on "the university for Community Innovation with International Standard"


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