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UP promotes the development of lychee products in Mae Suk Subdistrict, Mae Jai District, Phayao Province. 06/12/2565
BCA faculty representative visits Politeknik Pariwisata Bali in Indonesia for future academic, innovation, and research cooperation 29/11/2565
School of Business and Communication Arts performs an EdPex assessment for the academic year 2021 29/11/2565
The Ph.D. program in Tourism and Hotel Management holds a meeting with Yunnan Hippo Education Consulting Management Co., Ltd. 23/11/2565
BCA trains the school’s faculty to improve to their full potential in the workshop on “Applying for Academic Title.” 23/11/2565
BCA holds faculty and staff meetings to review the school’s strategic plans for future improvement at Chainarai Riverside, Chiangrai Province 23/11/2565
PEA in partnership with University of Phayao launched Energy Efficiency Management Project at University of Phayao to install solar rooftop 22/11/2565
UP signed MOU with SkillLane to develop a Blended Learning system through online learning system 17/11/2565
School of Nursing, University of Phayao provide diabetes screening services at Mae Sai Subdistrict, Phayao Province. 08/11/2565
UPITI University of Phayao organizes the 2022 New Entrepreneurship Team Event. 08/11/2565
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