University of Phayao

The university core values are based on 7 principles that will bring about organizational culture of mutual trust, learning organization and internationalization that respond to, promote, and become success factors for the attainment of the university determination statement and purposes. The university core values are as follows:

  1. Competence – Always give those who have high competence the first priorities: It is, therefore, the duty of every individual in the organization to constantly increase his/her knowledge and competency to promote competitiveness and leadership.
  2. Freedom – Enjoy the freedom to think and work to attain the goals: This is to promote excellence in the various fields of expertise.
  3. Justice – Always stand firm in righteousness and justice: Possessing integrity and code of ethics brings about respect and mutual trust.
  4. Generosity – Show generosity based on the idea that it is the “right” of the weak to be helped and the “duty” of the strong to help: This is to create the culture of living happily together.
  5. Team Learning and Working – Focus on learning from working and living: This is to create collective intelligence.
  6. Shared Vision – Possess shared vision of work: This is to create harmony and a learning organization.
  7. Local and Global Spirit – Work according to the principle stating that “the knowledge produced and employed must be of the global level, yet the spirit lies in serving Thai communities and societies: This is to create internationalization.



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