University of Phayao
School of Liberal Arts

2 programs of study in 7 academic divisions

  1. Bachelor of Political Science (B.Pol.)
  2. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Social Development
  3. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Chinese
  4.  Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Japanese
  5. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Thai
  6. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in French
  7. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English
School of Liberal Arts

The School of Liberal Arts was established in 1995, initially the Liberal Arts Academic Cluster. The very first academic programs delivered were the bachelor of business administration and bachelor of arts in English. Teachings were conducted at weekends at Phayao Phittayakom School in downtown Phayao. After construction of the permanent campus site at Mae Ka Sub-District was completed in 1999, the Liberal Arts cluster was able to provide teachings of the regular programs.

In 2001, Naresuan University restructured the administrative divisions and introduced the academic cluster system which comprised of three principle academic clusters: the Liberal Arts, Science and Technology and Information Technology. Each academic cluster was further divided into academic sections at which the general education, business administration, accounting and English became divisions under the Liberal Arts Academic Cluster. In 2002, the cluster introduced three more sections: tourism, mass communication and social development.

The administrative structure of the campus underwent successive change in accordance to the government’s policy and demands for education. Following the restructure of Naresuan University’s flagship campus, the Academic School of Liberal Arts was later established to house the former initial three academic sections – social development, general education and English – as well as the two additional programs in law and Chinese. The programs in business administration, accounting, tourism and communication were transferred to the newly founded School of Management and Information Technology.

In 2004, the Academic School of Liberal Arts inaugurated the bachelor degree programs in Thai language and political science. In 2005, the BA in Japanese was made available by the section of Japanese language, another newly established academic section in Liberal Arts.

In 2007, the School of Liberal Arts delivered another degree program in product and packaging design. The section of law was later dissolved from Liberal Arts following the reestablishment of the School of Law with its separate entity.

In 2008, the Phayao Campus Council decreed the dissolving of the general education section at the Academic School of Liberal Arts. Former lecturers of the general education section were repositioned at the social development, Thai and political science sections.

In 2010, the Phayao IT Campus became the autonomous “University of Phayao”. Former academic divisions were elevated to schools with entities equivalent to that for an academic faculty. The School of Liberal Arts was finally restructured to its current form, housing a total of 7 academic sections: social development, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, French, political science and English. The program in product and packaging design was finally transferred to the School of Architecture and Fine Art.


The school will seek to create a knowledge body, enrich culture, promote morality, ethics, and lead society towards progress.


The School of Liberal Arts will train undergraduates into persons who are humane at heart. It will corporate as the open ground for learning and scholarship to fulfill the needs for resources, skills, knowledge and cultural prosperity with communities and whatsoever adherents.

  1.  Train undergraduate students into persons with comprehensive scholarship, professionalism, ethics and morality
  2.  Promote academic and research collaborations with domestic and international institutions
  3.  Foster, conserve, restore and recreate cultural practices and art, natural resources and environment in the local and national level
  4. Empowering the faculties’ potential in scholarship and research, community service, art and cultural preservation

School of Liberal Arts is committed to 5 missions as follows:

  1.  Train undergraduates into persons with comprehensive knowledge, skills and morality to promote a peaceful order amidst social diversity
  2.  Conduct research on teachings and instructions and issues that correspond to the communities’s demands
  3. Serve as a center that incorporates social and local wisdoms. Provide higher education to suffice demands for workforce.
  4.  Empowering the Lanna cultures and art with local communities amidst changes in the contemporary world
  5. Develop potentials of the faculties and promote principles in good governance





Associate Professor Poonpong Ngarmkasem

School Initials:LIB
School Color:Orange Red
Color Code:#FF4500


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