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School of Management and Information Sciences

9 Programs of Study

  1. Bachelor of Communication Arts (B.Com.Arts) in Communication Arts
  2.  Bachelor of Communication Arts (B.Com.Arts) in Information Technology for Communication
  3.  Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Finance and Banking
  4.  Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Business Management
  5.  Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Tourism
  6. Bachelor of Accounting (B.Acc.)
  7.  Bachelor of Economics (B.Econ)
  8.  Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Hotel and Tourism Management
  9. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
School History

The “Phayao IT Campus” of Naresuan University was established to extend educational opportunities and equality to people in the regional areas of the country. The proposal was approved by the cabinet on 20 June 1995. The cabinet resolution, dated 8 October 1996, later indicated that the campus would be called “Phayao IT Campus”. During the first academic years, the students of the IT Campus temporarily took classes at Phayao Phittayakom School – a provincial grade school. Instructions at MIS, then a section in the Liberal Arts Academic Cluster, began in 1995 on the tri-semester basis. The first degree program available was the Bachelor of Business Administration, soon followed by a bachelor degree program in accounting. The campus would soon move to its current location in Mae Ka, Muang District, Phayao Province, which is approximately 17-18 kilometers from the downtown area. In 1999, the section began to enroll students into the regular bi-semester programs in business management and accounting, along with its remaining tri-semester programs. MIS would remain with the Liberal Arts Academic Cluster until March 28, 2004 when the Management and Information Technology Academic Cluster was inaugurated. On December 1, 2004, the Academic School of Management and Information Technology was established with the 4 initial academic sections under its roof: business management, accounting, mass communication and tourism.

As of today, the School of Management and Information Technology gained the status of an academic faculty under the Phayao University Act. Successive restructuring of the school finally ended with its 7 academic divisions: business management, accounting, mass communication, hotel and tourism management, economics, information technology for communication, and finance and banking.


The School of Management and Information Technology integrates knowledge in management and information technology, empowering lifelong education in addition to academic excellent, moral and ethical conduct of the graduates.


The school of learning towards human resources development

  1.  The School of MIS’s curriculum corresponds to changes in society and market
  2.  Graduates from the School of MIS are desirable among employers and are internationally acclaimed for their academic excellence, high morals and ethics
  3.  Provide a body of research and academic works to the society
  4. Establish and maintain academic and research networks with organizations both in Thailand and the world
  5. Establish a Business Service Center
  6.  Restore, conserve, foster and promote cultures, traditions and spiritual sentiments
  7.  Provide good governance and systemic management

Prepare the graduates for the organization culture of learning. Equip the graduates with values and capability in academic networking and research production to suffice the social and community demands.


  1.  Develop the graduates to the Qualifications Framework for Higher Education, which comprise of skills in morality, ethics, intelligence, public relations, responsibility, knowledge, calculation, communication and information technology
  2.  Promote independent and lifelong education
  3.  Develop curriculums that incorporate social demands
  4.  Establish networks both in Thailand and abroad
  5.  Develop good morality and ethics


  1.  Foster and support the conduction of research to uplift the quality of classroom instructions, public management and social well-being
  2. Develop researchers towards excellent research skill and proficiency
  3.  Promote the publication of research and academic works to audiences both in Thailand and abroad

Academic Services

  1.  Establish academic cooperation with local communities and society
  2.  Integrate the body of research knowledge in social service projects in order to meet the demands of communities and society
  3.  Establish a Business Service Center
  4. Run a counseling center which provides counseling in management and information technology to communities within the Greater Mekong Subregion

Cultural Affairs

  1.  Input cultural research data in database
  2.  Promote decent values
  3.  Promote good morality and ethics

Dr. Anusorn Kunanusorn

School Initials:MIS
School Color:Sky Blue
Color Code:#82CAFF


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