University of Phayao

Development of Research Administration System
  • Develop a basic structure for research administration and management.
  • Develop various factors to be ready for research support.
  • Develop the mechanics of responsibility and accountability.
Development of Researcher Potential and Research Quality
  • Give support to all instructors to conduct research.
  • Specify in the curricula the pre-graduation research requirement for all students.
  • Encourage government officials/government employees (non-academic staff) to conduct studies and research for professional development.
Promotion of Networking
  • Intra-university networking
  • National networking
  • International networking
Promotion of Research Groups to Become Centers of Excellence
  • Excellence in environment / water resources
  • Excellence in agriculture / food safety
  • Excellence in renewable energy /solar energy
Research Administration and Utilization Management
  • Act as a source of academic reference.
  • Enable the development educational quality.
  • Generate community empowerment.



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