University of Phayao
School of Architecture and Fine Arts

1 program of study in 1 academic division

  • Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts (B.F.A.) in Art and Design
  • Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) in Architecture
  • Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts (B.F.A.) in Performing Arts
  • Bachelor of Music (B.M.) in Western Music
School History

The School of Architecture and Fine Art was established on October 1, 2010 under the administration of the University of Phayao.


The School of Architecture and Fine Art fosters and produces a body of research and graduate students in fine art who are desirable and capable of incorporating knowledge with communities towards recognition in the ASEAN community

  1.  Provide instructions to produce graduates who are well-qualified and commit knowledge to good cause, with much emphasis on the live and learn principle
  2.  Conduct a body of collaborative research in fine art with communities with emphasis on physical and spiritual elevation
  3.  Provide academic services that integrate communities
  4.  Foster wisdoms, art, cultures and natural environment
  5.  Develop proficiency in management system with principles in good governance

School of Architecture and Fine Arts is committed to missions as follows:

In corresponding to objective 1

  1.  Develop knowledge and resources for instructions
  2.  Develop curriculums and corporate learning to develop graduates who commit to good cause and gain recognition in the ASEAN community
  3.  Prepare primary skills in fine art to freshmen who enroll in the program
  4.  Improve the research management system for effective instructions and teachings
  5.  Develop off-curriculum activities to enhance instructions and students’ social skill
  6. Improve research system and graduate potential assessment system

In corresponding to objective 2

  1.  Develop research management system
  2.  Develop researchers’ potential and research quality
  3.  Develop practical resources for research

In corresponding to objective 3

  1.  Develop networks of academic collaboration with local communities, society and ASEAN
  2.  Develop professional collaboration with local communities for local development
  3.  Develop academic sources for research and local development

In corresponding to objective 4

  1.  Develop social collaboration networks with ASEAN in fostering local wisdoms, art and cultures
  2.  Promote the conservation of local wisdoms, cultures, art and environment

In corresponding to objective 5

  1.  Develop efficiency in human resource and financial management system
  2.  Develop the school’s administrative structure in order to complete the mission and create distinctive features for the division
  3.  Develop management’s assessment system for future improvements





Somchai Srisomphong

School Initials:SAFA
School Color:Silver
Color Code:#C0C0C0


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