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  • Bachelor of Sciences (B.Sc.) in Nursing

School History

In 1995, a satellite campus of Naresuan University was founded in the province of Phayao under the cabinet’s approval, known officially as the “Phayao IT Campus” since October 8, 1996. Established in 2003, the Academic School of Health Sciences at the IT campus originally comprised of 2 academic sections – nursing and pharmaceutical sciences. The academic school began to enroll students in the academic year 2003.

The Academic School of Health Sciences at the IT Campus was dissolved in 2005 at the founding of the School of Nursing and School of Pharmacy.

Following a proposal to the Thai Nursing Council, the School of Nursing was restructured into the Institute of Nursing and Obstetric Studies on September 15, 2006. Soon after Naresuan University Council renamed the campus to “Naresuan University – Phayao”, the college gained autonomy as the “University of Phayao” under the 2010 Phayao University Act, declared on the Royal Gazette on July 16, 2010 and has been in effect since July 17, 2010. The School of Nursing has since maintained a status equivalent to that of an academic faculty.


The school of nursing perceives the academic discipline as a training of highly-qualified graduates and practitioners who excel in their academic achievements and production of world class research. They are to maintain high moral and ethical conducts, disseminating a decent value in life as role models for a better society. They are also to act as keen guardians of the natural resources, environment, cultures and traditions of our nation.


By the year 2017, the School of Nursing will arise as the nation’s leading institution which commits in developing highly-qualified nursing graduates, producing world class academic research, integrating local wisdoms and knowledge in the community services, and maintaining leadership in the field of health and hygiene.

  1.  Develop nursing graduates with high moral, academic excellence, vision and motivation for community development
  2.  Extend education opportunity and encourage distribution of professional nurses to the regions, thus promoting health access to the people
  3.  Support academic faculties in conducting highly-qualified academic research, thus promoting the development of human resources and education quality through bodies of research which attain national and international acceptance
  4.  Provide academic services in health and hygiene to communities by integrating local wisdoms and knowledge to uplift the people’s standard of living
  5.  Foster the traditions, cultures and local wisdoms as well as conserving the natural resources and environment
  6.  Incorporate the culture of learning into the organization culture

School of Nursing is committed to 4 missions as follows:

  1.  Develop nursing graduates who maintain international qualifications and leadership in the field of health and hygiene
  2.  Produce a body of knowledge through the conduction of research which seeks to promote health and classroom instructions
  3.  Provide academic services in the field of health sciences which correspond to the social demand. Incorporating local wisdoms and community involvement.
  4.  Foster regional and national cultures and traditions




Pranee Teamjai

School Initials:SON
School Color:Dark orange
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