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Take care of bedridden elderly and basic first aid knowledge.

Take care of bedridden elderly

    School of Public Health, University of Phayao, shares knowledge and experience in Caring for bed-ridden patients, Basic First Aid and Basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for the folk at Mae Ka Huai Kian Temple, Mae Ka Subdistrict, Muang District, Phayao Province.

          Ban Huai Kian Health Center has organized a project "Training for rehabilitation and capacity development of village health volunteer, Good health a new way of life" on August 22, 2022, with the aim of improving health literacy for village health volunteer base on village health volunteer strategy 4.0 and promoting the role of village health volunteer in leading community health transformation. Ban Huai Kian Health Center has invited a team of faculty from school of Public Health, University of Phayao to give the lecture and training village health volunteer in the area of Ban Huai Kian Health Center, so that village health volunteer can be supporting, to take care, and to give the consult to patients or relatives in their own communities. Moreover, school of Public Health has led students to learn outside of the classroom as hands-on practice in the community.




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