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BCA faculty member joins broadcasting program, “Listen to Thailand” at Thai PBS station on “Wiangkalong Next Step” episode


Dr. Piyapong Supanyo, a lecturer in Tourism and Hotel Management, School of Business and Communication Arts (BCA), head of the U2T project at Tambon Wiangkalong, Wiangpapao, Chiangrai province, has joined the broadcasting seminar upon the completion of the U2T project for BCG at “Listen to Thailand” program, Thai PBS station. The aim of the seminar is to envisage the future of Wiangkalong as the learning space for creative tourism. The outcome of the project focuses on establishing Culture Entrepreneurs and Social enterprises (SE) in developing and uplifting the cultural capital products of Wiangkalong such as porcelain, sweet tea, and other related products to be marketable at national and international levels.

The seminar is organized under the theme of “Wiangkalong Next Step” where all the speakers has joined the session to give insights into the future of Wingkalong. The speakers include Prakru Kositsomanakhun Abbot of Wat Mae-hang, the founder of the learning space for Wiangkalong porcelain, Kanchit Wongwan, the mayor of Wiangkalongm and other related parties from the government sector, private sector, and the people of Wiangkalong. Children and young people of Wiangkalong also offer opinions about developing and envisaging Wiangkalong in the next 3-5 years.

Dr. Piyapong Supanyo has mentioned about the success of the U2T for BCG project, which has been undertaken under the School of Business and Communication Arts, that the impacts the project has made for the community is significant. Not only the people of Wiangkalong have been employed, but the people could also use the knowledge provided from the project to help local entrepreneurs in developing cultural products in the future.  

The success of the project and the collaboration is aligned with the SDG goal number 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, and 17.

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