Student of School of Business and Communication Arts wins the 2nd for award of Co-operative Student, University of Phayao for Social Sciences, Humanities and Management, Academic Year 2020 9/6/2564 7:44:17
Bullfrog (Glyphoglossus molossus) Conservation Activities in Phayao Province by School of Agriculture and Natural Resources in collaboration with Innovation and Technology Transfer Institute, University of Phayao 8/6/2564 10:57:20
University of Phayao Works with RISC by MQDC on “Fahsai 2 at Phayao”, an Enhanced City Air Purifier Tower to Research PM2.5 in the North of Thailand 2/6/2564 14:16:21
Division of General Affair, University of Phayao launches UP-DMS system to provide document transfers in the digital age 12/5/2564 15:53:54
University of Phayao plans for water management within the campus area by controlling and monitoring water quality with SCADA system. 11/5/2564 14:00:02
Demonstration School, University of Phayao completed its space thyme planting experiment and prepared to conclude the project submission for AHiS. 3/5/2564 13:03:38
First day! University of Phayao "Covid-19 Vaccination" Healthcare Workers and Outpost Officers fighting COVID-19 First group of 70 people 23/4/2564 16:48:52
The President of University of Phayao received 70 paper beds from SCG for use in Covid-19 patients in University of Phayao Hospital. 23/4/2564 14:36:46
The President of University of Phayao visited The Field Hospital and have a meeting for the progress of each parties in supported the Covid-19 patients in Phayao Province 20/4/2564 16:43:56
Measurement for Prevention and Control Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for staff, students, and the public. 12/4/2564 7:54:48
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