Expected Learning Outcomes Online Workshop for the National Institute of Justice, Lao PDR 2/4/2564 16:26:51
University of Phayao build the first check dam which was built by the stones for revitalize forest areas and Thai peacock conservation areas. 4/3/2564 11:37:58
Division of Educational Services, organized the Audition activity under the project of I-Con UP 2021 4/3/2564 9:53:26
Special Interest Group in Humanitarian Technology 2/3/2564 10:59:33
Sufficiency Economy Learning Center 18/2/2564 16:41:59
School of Dentistry, University of Phayao has passed ISO 9001:2015 certification. 17/2/2564 13:13:16
Mr. Athichart joined the University of Phayao MoU ceremony and delivered knowledge “How to cultivate spirulina with high phcocyyanin” 16/2/2564 16:49:31
School of Agriculture and Natural Resources issued a biogas pond installation area to reduce household costs. 16/2/2564 9:55:39
the Asian Herb in Space (AHiS) University of Phayao 4/2/2564 16:02:32
Research Skills to the National Institute of Justice 1/2/2564 15:17:21
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