University of Phayao discusses the preparation of academic cooperation with National Human Rights Commission 27/11/2563 16:23:37
Academic Staff Development Project, special lecture on the topic of “Research Techniques for the Study Classes to Improve the Learning of Modern Learners” 27/11/2563 10:01:52
Teacher Respect Day 2020 26/11/2563 16:37:24
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences cordially welcomed Dr. Adam Osman Dedas a new staff membere 20/10/2563 15:54:21
University of Phayao’s researcher discover a new species a “Wonder Owl's eye” (Thismia thaithongiana) 20/10/2563 14:40:44
The School of Liberal Arts organized a workshop event. 15/10/2563 11:44:49
Students from Demonstration School, University of Phayao won the four quarter-final winners in Fablab Thailand Student Design and Engineering Project Competition 2020 12/10/2563 13:49:47
The guidelines for Lanna Arts and Culture Operations 9/10/2563 8:17:56
School of Energy and Environment, University Phayao hosted the 19th Environmental Conference and the 9th International Conference on Environmental Engineering Science and Management 8/10/2563 15:39:31
School of Education's student have received an award for benefiting to the Ministry of Culture. 5/10/2563 13:53:26
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