University of Phayao has installed the real-time bus tracker at university of phayao bus stop 9/9/2563 9:37:12
University of Phayao welcomed the minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation for observational study in Phayao province “The role of the university in local development and foundation economy development” 7/9/2563 18:41:44
University of Phayao has signed the memorandum of understanding with TIANJIN Normal University 29/6/2563 16:14:22
The Heart of University Development to International Recognition 27/6/2563 14:05:47
The Language Center of the University of Phayao Administered an English Test for ID-63 Students via DynEd Program 24/6/2563 13:52:27
Vice President for Student Quality has welcomed our newbies by provided guidance on preparing and creating a safe environment and all of our workspaces during the pandemic. 18/6/2563 12:45:32
UP is so cool! Funded Research of covid-19 by AUF 2/6/2563 21:27:05
The president of University of Phayao joins the discussion about Library and Learning Center service providing limitation 29/5/2563 16:46:57
Vice Dean for Research, School of Liberal Arts, Attends a Meeting Over Building Phayao a Learning City 29/5/2563 16:15:14
Board of Directors of the University of Phayao Visits the Library and Learning Center 29/5/2563 10:54:55
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