University of Phayao has signed the memorandum of understanding with TIANJIN Normal University 29/6/2563 16:14:22
The Heart of University Development to International Recognition 27/6/2563 14:05:47
The Language Center of the University of Phayao Administered an English Test for ID-63 Students via DynEd Program 24/6/2563 13:52:27
Vice President for Student Quality has welcomed our newbies by provided guidance on preparing and creating a safe environment and all of our workspaces during the pandemic. 18/6/2563 12:45:32
UP is so cool! Funded Research of covid-19 by AUF 2/6/2563 21:27:05
The president of University of Phayao joins the discussion about Library and Learning Center service providing limitation 29/5/2563 16:46:57
Vice Dean for Research, School of Liberal Arts, Attends a Meeting Over Building Phayao a Learning City 29/5/2563 16:15:14
Board of Directors of the University of Phayao Visits the Library and Learning Center 29/5/2563 10:54:55
Top 5 school with the most online class preparation via learning management system (LMS), school of law 1st rank with 82 subjects 27/5/2563 8:17:57
A meeting to discuss about the operation to propel Phayao into a learning city area under the heading "Phayao: A modern learning center near home with employment" 26/5/2563 10:52:44
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