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     UP and International Engagement


UP and International Engagement

Associate Professor Dr. Tipchan Wongchanta, VP for University Communications, Assistant Professor Dr. Penphan Tipkong, Senior French Expert and Advisor, and Ajarn Jakkapong Koysomboon, Head of the French Department, School of Liberal Arts, participated in the 13th CONFRASIE Conference at University of Economics and Law, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on May 7, 2019. There were 89 participants from 12 countries in the Asia-Pacific region joining the Conference.


The two main topics of discussion in the Round Table Session of the Conference were collaboration among AUF and CONFRASIE member institutions and university-enterprise link to ease the tension of job employability of graduates in the present days. Case studies and good practices from scholars around the globe largely deepened the meaning of the Conference.


Many thanks go to Asst. Prof. Dr. Tipkong for the great presentation of UP, which finally enabled our university to get adopted as a new member of CONFRASIE this year, along with five other universities in Asia.

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