Tradition of "Walking into University", University of Phayao, Year 2023

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Walking into University

Tradition of "Walking into University", University of Phayao, Year 2023

Enjoying and reliving the tradition of Walking into UP Campus” in celebration of a 22-year-old tradition covering 4 kilometers down the main artery of UP campus.  Freshmen, senior classmates, and alumni come together in unity and re-kindle the UP spirit for new students as they walk through UP campus up to the auspicious mountain to pay homage to the Buddha Image Under the Protection of the Naga Serpent called “Phra Buddhaa Phusha Ka Raksa”.  This meaningful fun-walk activity is organized by the Students Union which divides the fun-walk into six “wiang-s” or six ancient settlements. They walk in procession reflecting various aspects of identity for each of the wiang-s. Upper classmates share activities with all newcomers in creating an atmosphere that fosters good relationships and enthusiasm.  

The “Walking into University” event was held on July 16, 2023 and participants commenced their walk at the royal monument of King Naresuan the Great.  The honorable President of University of Phayao Council Prof. Atthaphon Yaisawang presided over this event along with the university council committee, Associate Professor Supakorn  Pongbangpho, Ph.D.President, University of Phayao, the Executive Board, staff, alumni, freshmen, upper classmates, and others totaling over 4,000 participants.      





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30/8/2566 12:01:20น. 387
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