2023 Health and Safety SPSS by School of Political and Social Sciences

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       September 12th , 2023, the School of Political and Social Sciences (SPSS) holds the campaign     ‘Health and Safety SPSS’ at its conference room. The dean of the school , Associate Professor Dr. Montra Pongnil, presides over the campaign , and Assistant Professor Dr. Wannapha Thongdaeng    , the head of the campaign, briefs on its aims : 1) to provide the school for the plans of preventing and quelling emergency , according to the Building Control Act B.E. 2522  2) to educate personnel on the proper preventions and conducts when fire breaks out 3) to educate personnel on the effects and the danger from fire, the protection for their own properties , both self and people rescues and how to be useful while the fire is being extinguished,  and 4) to regularly check fire extinguishers and the personnel’s preparation for fire.

      Mr.Wasan SaenJit , the senior officer of the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Section, and his team are the lecturers in this campaign.

       The Health and Safety SPSS campaign will make the SPSS livable because it raises the personnel’s awareness of the school’s safety and availability for the activities of academic , student , research , art and culture and so forth. This will later enhance the atmosphere of ‘liveliness’ and ‘enjoyment’ for the school.




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19/10/2566 9:02:58น. 269
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