UP-Community Alliance

UP-Community Alliance


University of Phayao’s resolution, “Wisdom for Community Empowerment,” was made concrete and visible at King Ngam Muang Auditorium with “One School, One Model” exhibition on January 23, 2019, followed by a 2-day national conference entitled “Phayao Research” on “Disruptive Education,” during January 24-25, 2019.  

Whereas the Exhibition brought about many fruitful research projects from the praiseworthy and cooperative spirit between UP and communities in Phayao Province, the Phayao Research simply highlighted research findings significantly relevant to the future direction of education in a so-called “disruptive era.”

That the two events had a huge impact on a nearly decade-old cooperation between UP and its surrounding communities is unquestionable. They are, indeed, the very platform for theory-oriented scholars to get challenged and, at the same time, meet with those practitioners outside campus, the ones whose intrinsic local wisdom must never be underestimated.

Together, university scholars and local experts can make education not only sustainable (not disruptive, per se) but also most instrumental for the improvement of life quality and society development.


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