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Vision and Strategy

Philosophy and Resolution

Philosophy ( A Life of Wisdom Is the Most Wondrous of All )

Resolution ( Wisdom for Community Empowerment )

True wisdom springs from lived experiences

To organize the education by using a learning process that emphasizes practicality (Learning by Doing) through educational management which focuses on learning outcomes (Outcome-based Education). It is the guideline for building skills, competencies and experiences for learners and to create manpower that uses the wisdom to develop the community in a sustainable way (Community change agent).

Vision 5 Core purposes and Core Values

Vision : Phayao University is a leading state university. To open the opportunity to produce graduates as pillars of the family. And it's like a university serving the society.


5 Core purposes

1. To adopt an instructional scheme that allows students to live and learn happily, get a job after graduation and be good citizens.

2. To conduct research, focusing on collective intelligence ideas that support the community (supporting OUOP-One University One Province scheme).

3. To provide academic services with an emphasis on collective intelligence, to enhance and empower the community

4. To help preserve local wisdom, arts, cultures and promote them worldwide, whilst also helping in the protection of the local environment.

5. To effectively and efficiently manage and strongly hold on to good governance.

Core Values

The University’s core values, which every school follows, consist of 7 concepts. They promote an organizational culture that will create mutual trust, learning organization and internationalization. All of which align with, enhance, and are factors in the achievement of the university’s determination and objectives (no.1 and 2). The Core Values consist of:

1. Competence- (paying attention to highly competent personnel first, It is the responsibility of members of the organization to continuously improve their own knowledge and skills, in order to enhance and support competitiveness and leadership).

2. Freedom-(having freedom to accomplish jobs to promote excellence, which generates a multitude of excellence according to each specialization).

3. Justice-(we should always be righteous and just so we can hold on to morality and ethics, promoting respect and trust).

4. Generosity-(helping each other, this especially prioritizes the right of those who are weak to get assistance, and it is the duty of those who are stronger to provide help and promote a culture of living happily together).

5. Team learning and working-(with a focus of learning by doing and living to promote collective intelligence).

6. Shared Vision-(having shared goals: this enhances collaboration, promotes knowledge-based organizations).

7. Local and Global spirit- adhering to the idea that: "global knowledge serves the spirit of the community and Thai society" and promotes internationalization


1. Academics Affairs The main mission of the University of Phayao is to develop Thailand’s human resources in order to align with the Thai Qualification Framework for Higher Education: TQF: HEd. The university aims to produce graduates with preferable attributes, such as: moral, ethical, wisdom based, interpersonal skills; responsible behavior, competence, numeric skills, communication skills, and information technology skills. If graduates are equipped with these qualities, the university is certain that they will be able to compete in the global job market. Nevertheless, to achieve these goals, the potential for improvement and the acquiring of qualifications by lectures is also encouraged. According to the trend of education, it is necessary to adopt a variety of teaching methods and techniques. Consequently, the university has to fully support the life-long learning, both of students before they enter the job market, as well as graduates in the job market. Hence, improvements and up to date teaching methods and techniques are encouraged, to meet with academic and career development standards.

2. Research Affairs The University of Phayao promotes the undertaking of research and development in order to develop the society and the economy, both of which have become more complex in modern times. The university invests in many types of research, such as research in the development of technology for modern industry, which uses intelligent capital rather than labour or raw materials; research for increasing the effectiveness of human resource management; research promoting the recovery and preservation of the environment; research about industry; health science and the development of public health; and social development research. The university focuses on basic research as well as applied research in any discipline, aiming to implement effective teaching and learning methods, as well as a high quality standards of living. Additionally, this enhances our long-term independence by producing research leaders who can create partnerships or networking initiatives with other universities, locally and internationally. This is a way to increase the quality of our researchers, so as to meet the international standards.

3. Academic services affairsThe University of Phayao would like to provide more variety in its academic services, such as a service that puts emphasis on the development of education and higher standards of living, and medical and public health services. However, the availability of some particular academic services depends on the budget of organizations that require them; especially academic services that are organized for those who have high financial support, such as those in the business and industrial sectors. Also, there should be a mutual consideration of investment and collaboration between us and the private sector concerning some particular kinds of academic service, in order to achieve specific goals. Above all, it is necessary to establish a collaboration between the university and the local administration in the upper northern region, as well as with private companies, in order to create strength and be accepted by the general public.

4. Art and Cultural preservation The University of Phayao tries to develop a combination of cultural and global collaboration initiatives in the economy through the preservation and conservation of Thai art and culture. This is the foundation of its equilibratory development, including a study that intends to understand what might be called profound "Thainess". This leads to conversations and preserves differences in traditions and cultures, as well as the ability to live in the world with one’s identity and dignity intact, through the promotion of preferable culture and values by people, organizations and society.

5. The administration of The University of Phayao The University must develop to be a university of international quality and to be a social engagement university which has the internationally recognized in ASEAN and international. The missions of the university are to produce graduates, the researches, academic services and to promote and preserve the art and culture. The university set a goal to lead community to reach the stability and sustainability of the economy, social welfare, energy, natural resources and environment based on efficiency, effectiveness and good governance.


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