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University of Phayao History

University of Phayao before being upgraded to an autonomous university under the supervision of Naresuan University which recognizes the importance of the distribution of opportunities and the creation of equality in education In addition, the university has considered together with the provincial governor and members of Phayao's representatives. including representatives from the public and private sectors in solving problems of income and education of the population in Phayao Province. which on average is low Therefore, a project to distribute educational opportunities to Phayao province was organized in response to the policy of the Ministry of Universities that encouraged the university to expand the educational area into the region. with the objective of raising the status of an independent university in the future The Ministry of Universities has therefore considered and presented to the Cabinet for approval. Later, the Cabinet At the meeting on October 8, 1996, it was resolved to use the name Naresuan University Phayao Information Campus Teaching and learning in the initial phase used the building of Phayao Pittayakom School temporarily. for a permanent location Naresuan University has cooperated with Phayao Province to provide a location at Tambon Mae Ka, Amphoe Mueang, Phayao Province, comprising 5,727 rai of land. Therefore, it has moved to a permanent location and has been teaching since 1999. Later, on July 21, 2007, at the 13th meeting (4/2550) of Naresuan University Council. Has resolved to change the name Naresuan University Phayao Information Campus" to "Naresuan University of Phayao"

University of Phayao before

On July 12, 2010, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Has a royal command graciously The University of Phayao Act B.E. 2010 was enacted and published in the Government Gazette on July 16, 2010. separated from Naresuan University It is a fully autonomous, non-governmental university. It can be considered as a welcome news for Phayao people who have quality higher education institutions through the production of graduates and graduates to serve society and the nation in abundance. With the leadership of the Chancellor and the management team with experience and forward-thinking vision. to make the University of Phayao a truly perfect university

University of Phayao

Professor Dr. Mondhon Sanguansermsri, the president of the University of Phayao, said that prior to its autonomous position, the University of Phayao, as part of the campus of Naresuan University, was a place where opportunity, distribution and educational equality had always been the core goal. At that moment the University, the governor of Phayao province, members of the House of Representatives of Phayao province, and representatives from both public and private stakeholders wanted to solve problems concerning low income and the low level of education for the people of Phayao, both of which were quite low. Consequently, a project concerned with the distribution of educational opportunities in Phayao province was proposed. The proposal well served the policy of the Ministry of University Affairs (now the Office of the Higher Education Commission, a part of the Ministry of Education), because its main focus was to expand the level of education regionally. In particular, the highest goal of the proposal was to change Phayao University from being a campus of Naresuan University to an autonomous university in the future. The Ministry of University Affairs put forward the proposal, and the cabinet, in a meeting on the 8th of October 2539 B.E., approved the naming of a Naresuan University IT campus in Phayao. As for the teaching and learning on offer, after the establishment of the IT Campus, this all took place at the Phayaopittayakom School. Naresuan University and Phayao province looked for a permanent location for the campus, and found it at the Maeka sub-district, Muang district, Phayao province. The location consisted of 5,727 rais of land. When the construction was finished, all of the teaching and learning activities were organized at this permanent location. The IT campus in Phayao has been in operation since 2542 B.E.


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