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University of Phayao was ranked 9th in Thailand by SCImago Institutions Rankings 2022

 SCImago Institutions Rankings 2022

University of Phayao ranks 9th in Thailand, moving up from ranks 12th in 2021 in the Overall Rankings by SCImago Institution Rankings 2022 and ranked 678th in the world rankings, which are based on three performance considerations:

1. Research ranks 8th in Thailand and ranks 418th in the world.
2. Innovation ranks 7th in Thailand and ranks 397th in the world.
3. Societal is ranks 14th in Thailand and ranks 245th in the world.

The results of the global research organization rankings in 2022, there are 8,084 world-ranked universities/higher education institutions, government and other organizations from around the world, divided into 4,364 educational institutions with criteria for determining three areas of performance:
     1. 50% of researches are consist of the number of academic documents, journals, research, number of references. The number of authors involved in academic and research results of their respective institutions, based on data from Scopus.
      2. 30% of innovations will be in the field of innovative knowledge, patents or scientific publications from institutions referred to in patents based on data from PATSTAT (Patent Statistical Database)
      3. 20% of societal is determined by size of website. The number of pages associated with an institution's URL, the number of networks (subnets) associated with its website, and the amount of documents and institutional news published on social media.

SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR) published the results of the Scimago Institutions world Rankings in 2022 (Scimago Institutions Rankings 2021) via https://www.scimagoir.com/, and this year only 28 Thai universities are ranked by SIR, which is recognized worldwide as having one high standard and reliability, and each ranking indicates progress and improvement in the process of "researching" knowledge, which is of great benefit to research in Thailand or even overseas researchers interested in further new information.


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