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Harvesting herbs (Andrographis paniculata) on a learning space "Phu kam yao model" towards sustainable income.

Phu kam yao model
Harvesting herbs (Andrographis paniculata) on a learning space "Phu kam yao model" towards sustainable income.

On March 24, 2023 Associate professor Dr. Supakorn Pongbangpho, President, University of Phayao together with Prof. Dr. Smar Thanoi, Vice President for Research and Innovation lead dean's, assistant dean, staff, University of Phayao, to a learning space, Phu Sang District joins the harvest of Andrographis herbs under the networking project of "Phu kam yao model" with Professor Emeritus Dr. Krishna Kraisin (Gypsy pharmacist who invented antiretroviral drugs in Thailand and the world) and Deputy Governor of Phayao Province Mr. Deva Panyaboon, that planted at the school area in November 2022.

This harvested herbs were welcoming by the Director of Ban Sathan School Mr. Ekarat Kantanet along with teachers and students Ban Sathan School People in the community. Part of the harvested herbs was conducted at the Food Innovation Product Prototype Development Learning Center, Institute of Innovation and Technology Transfer, University of Phayao on March, 25 2023.

This visit was coordinated by the Dean and representatives from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Energy and Environment. Faculty of Political and Social Sciences College of Education Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources Faculty of Public Health to create knowledge and develop in the area together with the community.

Then, depart from Phu Sang district to 2 new areas as follows:
1. Ban Tun Subdistrict, Mueang District
2. Mae Sai Subdistrict, Mueang District

"Phu Kam Yao Model" Quality Herbal Products Project, Phayao Province By Professor Emeritus Dr. Krishna Kraisin President of Krishna Kraisin Foundation in collaboration with University of Phayao Tipco Biotech Co., Ltd., Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand and Phayao province area namely Phu Sang District, Pong District, Chiang Muan District. Phu Kham Yao and Jun districts jointly drive the organic cultivation of herbs to be processed into quality herbal products under the "Phu Kam Yao Model" with the goal of transferring knowledge to farmers in Phayao province. A quality herbal product was born, using andrographis as a model. Generate income and create additional jobs for farmers in Phayao province. There is an awareness among the community to use quality herbs and a model area for the production of quality herbs to be expanded in the next phase.

In this visit, we explored the suitability of developing it as a model area for growing thieves. It focuses on organic cultivation and has the community as the main mechanism for doing so. The successful area prototypes will be learned from "Langkasuka Model" in Narathiwat Province, "Thirty Thousand Model" in Tak Province and "Jampasri Model" in Maha Sarakham Province.

The project has taken measures of organic matter in the soil from the collection of samples in 4 areas, namely 1. Ban Sathan School, Phu Sang District, 2. Pa Phen Herb Garden, Aoi Subdistrict, Pong District, 3. Dong Kon Weai Park, Chiang Muan District, and 4. Wiang Lo Wildlife Sanctuary, Jun District. Tipco Biotech Co., Ltd. . Currently, courtesy of the Sufficiency Economy Learning Center, 10,000 seedlings can be planted in four locations. Tipco Biotech Co., Ltd. will take the leaves of andrographis herb to measure the important substances to meet the standards and buy them for processing into quality herbal products on behalf of "Phu Kam Yao Model" with the emblem depicting a peacock dance pan, which is meant to represent the symbol of Phayao Province by design of the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts University of Phayao.

In addition to creating health and marketing benefits for the community. The Phu kam yao model project also provides a learning space for quality herbs for local youth to learn and generate sustainable income.

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