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BCA hosts a forum on the school’s research project reports for the budget of the fiscal year 2023


The School of Business and Communication Arts, led by Assistant Professor Dr. Prakobsiri Phakdeepinit, Dean of the school, organized a forum to report on the progress of the school’s research projects for the budget of the fiscal year 2023. This forum is conducted for the faculties to exchange research and academic service knowledge and to encourage them to progress in conducting research and academic service projects within the given timeframe. The school’s innovative research and academic service committee also joined the forum. For the fiscal year 2023 budget, the school has 10 research and academic service projects, of which 9 projects have been implemented. The expertise of the school, namely digital marketing, finance and investment, tourism and hotel management, accounting, economics, and communications, has been integrated into the projects in alignment with the university’s mission of “Wisdom for Community Empowerment” and the school’s mission of “Produce innovative research and elevate the quality of the community to the international level.” The key performance indexes for the projects are as follows:

1. The number of newly developed products or services that can be used commercially.

2. The amount of sales or income that increases from the original performance.

3. The number of entrepreneurs who have been incubated.

4. The number of people who have developed their career competency.

5. Number of media or creative works that can guide society.


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