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Phayao Frog Fest 2023

Phayao Frog Fest 2023
Phayao Frog Fest 2023

          University of Phayao, research team develops Chinese edible frogs towards the World Food Bank (Phayao Frog Fest 2023). On Sunday, December 24th, 2023, the President of the University of Phayao, Associate Professor Dr. Supakorn Phongsabangpho honored to welcome and participate in the Phayao Frog Fest 2023, Innovation Community Festival, held between the 23rd to the 24th December 2023 at Lake Park Phayao, Phayao Province. This activity is one of the projects that arose from the cooperation between the University of Phayao and network partners. It has shown the improvement of skills in creating research to meet the needs of the area by applying innovation and technology to solve problems. This led to create community innovators, a Learning and Innovation Platform, a strong community, careers, generating income, better quality of life, new entrepreneurs, and sustainable circular economy in the community.

          Making the most of local resources is one of the aims of researchers at the University of Phayao. The province has agricultural land of more than 80% of the total area, both forests and many economic animals, and "frogs" are one of Phayao's economic animals, but community frog farming in Phayao is still traditional. Researchers at the University of Phayao are transferring complete technology for developing Chinese edible frogs to the community. From the process of raising tadpoles into developing small frogs to create meat frogs then processing frogs into food to create value for frogs to create income for the community, it develops a comprehensive learning network on "Frog" with a learning platform.

          Researchers are also creating community innovators who could transfer knowledge about frog farming systems and new marketing plans, to develop innovative frog farming communities into commercial economic animals. Under this project, the researchers worked together with the Phayao Provincial Administrative Organization, Phayao Provincial Fisheries Office, the Municipality Administrative Organization, and 14 targets sub-districts, to bring abandoned schools and to renovate them into areas for raising Chinese edible frogs. This restoration reduced expenses, increased income, and created food security. There were 23 communities’ innovators in frog farming, 43 innovators in water management, 57 innovators in processing, and 28 innovators in marketing. The frogs are of higher quality and their size meets market needs from 6 pieces per kilogram to 3 - 4 pieces per kilogram

        The project also provides farmers with income throughout the supply chain, and there are more than 4 processed products, with economic and social impacts. There is an investment in research of 3,656,000 baht and net present value (NPV) analysis is equal to 12,075,335 baht.

         The return from implementing this project or the results of the analysis of the internal rate of return (IRR) or the discount rate of return, namely the discount rate (discount rate) is equal to 23%, which is higher than the interest rate on bank deposits. If we consider the ratio of the sum of the present value of profits throughout the life of the project to the sum of the present value of costs throughout the life of the project equal to 1.65 times, it means that investing in this project for 1 bath will yield a return of 1.65 bahts, thus increasing revenue beyond cost by 1.65 times.

The activities at Phayao Frog Fest 2023 include:
- Exhibitions from research results.
- DIY frog toy activities.
- Activities to transfer knowledge of cooking from Phayao frogs by community innovators, and local food.
- Movie screening activities in the middle of the story “Tukki, the Frog Princess.”
- Frog Prince contest activity by the Northern Bodybuilding Club.
- Short documentary on “Phayao, the city of food storage through raising frogs.”
- Discussion on the topic “Situation and trends in the frog market both domestically and abroad.”
- Production of creative media to promote acceptance of Know the Phayao Frog (TikTok).
- Giant Frog Contest Activity of Phayao Province.
- Folk & Acoustic Music Live Music Performance Stage.


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