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Green Peafowl Learning and Conservation Center University of Phayao

University of Phayao before
University of Phayao before

Environmental factors are starting to have a huge impact on people and animals. Both from climate change, changing of human lifestyles will inevitably affect the lives of wildlife. The Green Peafowl is a native animal of Thailand and the countries of the Mekong River Basin. Green Peafowl has a role as an animal that has a long history with human in the region. But with the changes, the number of Green Peafowl in southern China, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia has greatly decreased. In some countries, there are no reports of Green Peafowl sightings but in the northern part of Thailand especially the forests of Phayao, Lamphun or the western forests such as Huai Kha Khaeng can also be seen them.

University of Phayao Peafow

In Phayao Province, Green Peafowl are found in the fields of rice fields in the boundaries adjacent to the forest. Green Peafowl are so numerous that from ancient sacred animals that have had a good relationship with humans, have turned into pests that destroy agricultural crops. Many villagers are suffering from the loss of income from the Green Peafowl from the forest to eat agricultural crops. It represents a losing balance in both dimensions of the protected species listed on The International Union for Conservation of Nature's (IUCN) Red List as endangered species. But the other dimension is the abundance of wildlife that destroys farmers' crops.

University of Phayao Peafow

Therefore, Green Peafowl Learning and Conservation Center was established to coordinate solutions in an integrated way to make "People and Green Peafowl coexistence in a sustainable way" The roles and duties of the center can be divided into

1. The role of education and conservation through DNA studies leads to the conservation of authentic Green Peafowl species and conservation guidelines by cultivating both in habitat and outside the habitat.

2. The role in promoting the community economy from bio-based is the extension of biological knowledge that is valuable in academics to create economic value, bringing people's well-being to humans and Green Peafowl able to live together in a caring and sustainable way.

3. The role of preserving arts and culture as an intellectual cost leading to a creative economy of cultural tourism and the environment go hand in hand. Green Peafowl has a role in the civilization of various ethnic groups in Asia, these are values that create value through the transmission of goods and services and center will present to bring back to the conservation of Thai peacocks for sustainability.

Green Peafowl Learning and Conservation Center, University of Phayao has been created as a center for integrating each field of science to enhance the human-to-natural coexistence process between humans and the world's most perfect nature and will be a model agency in managing the relationship between knowledge, community and wildlife to support each other in a sustainable way.

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