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Academic Center Chiang Rai Campus

3 programs of study in 4 academic divisions

  1.  Master of Education (M.Ed) in Education Administration
  2.  Master of Arts (MA) in Social Works
  3.  Master of Arts (MA) in English
  4.  Master of Engineering (M.Eng) in Construction Management
Campus History

The Academic Center at Chiang Rai was established to extend education opportunity and equality to people in the regions, which will benefit not only Chiang Rai Province but also the areas beyond. The Center at Chiang Rai promotes economic, social, health and cultural developments in the province in corresponding to the development plan of the country.

The 23 acres of land which houses the Center was granted by Chiang Rai Provincial Office, located at Baan Pang Min, Rimkok Sub-district, Muang District, Chiang Rai. The University of Phayao funded the construction of the center, comprising faculties’ and students’ houses. The center has been operating since December 29, 2008.


Education is life.


By 2020, the Center at Chiang Rai will arise as a leading satellite campus which provides international standard academic services.

  1. To incorporate the 2010 Phayao University Act
  2. To operate services for the province of Chiang Rai and nearby areas
  3. To extend services to the neighboring countries (People’s Republic of China, Lao and Myanmar)
  4.  Provide trainings in the academic disciplines that incorporate with demands in job market and the national economic and social development plans/ university’s policies
  5.  Coordinate with partner institutions and organizations in conducting research and problem analysis while employing research results in the studies and development of local communities
  6.  Serve as center for educational documents and media. Enroll students in the target areas.
  7.  Provide educational guidance and enrollment for the university’s target students. Implement strategic plans in accordance with the education market.
  8.  Provide training programs, seminar, conferences and vocational trainings to the community and society, with emphasis on trends in global job market and economy.
  9.  Serve as Phayao University’s center for students. Provide accommodation for the university’s students and faculties. Promote tourism in Chiang Rai and nearby areas.
  10.  Publicize the university’s educational information, works, research and student activities to the community through modern broadcasting.
  11.  Serve as alumni center
    •  To enrich the university’s relationship with the alums and current students to promote their collaborations for the university and community developments .
    •  To foster relationship between the alums and current students through activities and projects .
    •  To honor the alumni who make impressive accomplishments in their recent or past careers.
    •  To serve as center for academic trainings and seminars to enhance professional, social and living skills for the alumni .

The Center at Chiang Rai operates according to the policies outlined in the 2010 Phayao University Act. It also incorporates the body of knowledge in sciences, arts and other disciplines within the University’s framework for utmost efficiency.





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