University of Phayao
School of Energy and Environment

3 programs of study in 3 academic divisions

  1.  Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Environmental Science
  2.  Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) in Environmental Science
  3.  Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Environmental Engineering
School History

The School of Energy and Environment is a division of the University of Phayao, established since October 1, 2007. Initially, the school was a 12th Academic School of Naresuan University – Phayao. The commitment of the School of Energy and Environment is to provide instructions in the undergraduate and graduate levels in the field of energy and environment. Today, the program delivers a bachelor degree program in Environmental Science and 3 graduate programs in environmental science (M.Sc), natural resources management (M.Sc) and environmental engineering (M.Eng). In 2010, the School of Energy and Environment began to enroll undergraduate students into the M.Sc program in natural resources and environmental science. This collaborates with our mission to extend the education opportunity to students in the regional areas in order to produce graduates to suffice the demands for national development.


The School of Energy and Environment holds on to the University of Phayao’s philosophy to “produce quality graduates of international standards and on the development of body of knowledge to bring strength to the community and happiness to the society as well as to provide crucial foundations of national development for sustainable competitiveness in the world community”.


Develops a body of knowledge in energy and environment as well as graduates who maintain both quality and virtues. Provide academic services which incorporate social demands.





Associate professor
Dr. Wattanapong Raksawichian

School Initials:SEEN
School Color:Green 1 & Dark Orange 1
Color Code:#5FFB17 & #F87217


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