UP Summer Course in England: A Journey to the Heart of Darkness

UP Summer Course in England: A Journey to the Heart of Darkness

UP Summer Course in England: A Journey to the Heart of Darkness

It is not uncommon for one to perceive “darkness” as something frightening and unbearable. In a literal sense, one would not dare to enter a dark room and stay there for a day, or even an hour, without unease. When viewed figuratively, “darkness” also denotes such a sense of ignorance or foolishness that no sane person would want to possess.

However, nothing is completely one-sided, and “darkness” is of no exception. In fact, darkness does make light most beautiful; the more, the better. “Light’ is, in other words, most precious and useful whenever and wherever frightening darkness prevails.  

To unveil the heart of darkness or sheer ignorance, pertaining to international experience in particular, University of Phayao has organized Summer Course Program in England as a scholarship for students, faculty, and staff who had successfully passed the UP English tests to take up intensive English and IELTS preparation courses at Southbourne School of English in Bournemouth, UK, since 2012. This year, the Program took place from June 9 to July 7, with 38 students, 15 faculty members, and 8 staff to participate. Thus far, there have been hundreds of people to benefit the Program.

To many, if not all, the UP Summer Course in England is the “light” that completely dispels the fear of speaking English with foreigners. All actually come from practice, and practice to the most profound sense of the term. When at Southbourne School of English, everyone was professionally encouraged to speak English with teachers and peers. At home, they had to speak English with their host families, though with many jokes entailed. While traveling in their free time, they had to communicate in English, relatively with the assistance of body gestures.

Of course, the UP Summer Course in England is more than learning English. It technically offers everyone the opportunities to overcome fear of speaking English and, more importantly, to learn how international exposure and connectivity can help everyone grows as global citizens who are more likely to outshine others in their future career. One question thus remains:

Is it better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books?


While those who have participated in UP Summer Course in England can give you different answers, why don’t you join our UP Summer Course Program in England so that you can find for yourself the real meaning of this parable of comparison with experience versus knowledge?

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