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AHS UP Curated the event “Functional correction of lumbo-pelvic hip complex: Asymmetrical overloaded” via an online platform (Zoom Cloud Meeting) 09/04/2567
SEEN collabs Thai Health and CCAS provide the knowledge on the dangerous climate changes to communities for the forest fire surveillance 04/04/2567
AHS UP joined an event for Princess Birthday anniversary 2024, 2nd April 2024 (AHS News) 02/04/2567
Kick-Off; Elderly Care for Elderly Community Scheme; a plan to cope with elderly healthcare issues of 2024 28/03/2567
The University of Phayao inherits the Tradition of the Phra That Chom Thong Blanket Parade for the Year 2024 28/03/2567
SEEN Researcher organized workshop of "Spatial Water Management of Local Administrative Organizations (LAO) with Basic Digital Technology" 27/03/2567
SPSS and MCU, Phayao Campus, meeting to discuss guidelines for MOU 27/03/2567
SEEN's master degree students, participated International symposium DIODM2024, Japan. 25/03/2567
Strengthen What ‘s Weak; Research Workshop at AHS UP 20/03/2567
EdPEx 200; Getting things ready for upcoming visit at AHS UP. 13/03/2567
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