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University of Phayao wins 12th in UI Green Metric World University Ranking 2021

 UI Green Metric World

University of Phayao ranked 12th in Thailand out of 36 universities in Thailand and 171st in the world from 956 universities worldwide, better ranked from 2020 (260th in the world). University of Phayao scored 7,400 points in UI Green Metric World University Ranking 2021 based on 6 assessment criteria:

   1. Setting and infrastructure 1,150 points

   2. Energy and Climate Change 1,375 points

   3. Waste Management 1,275 points

   4. Water Management 900 points

   5. Transportation 1,375 points

   6. Education and Research 1,325 points


It is a measurement which rated by a global eco-friendly green educational institution. The University of Phayao will continue to develop for a more better rank in the coming years.


The UI Green Metric World University Rankings is conducted by the University of Indonesia (UI) launched in 2010, later known as the UI Green Metric University Rankings to measure the university's sustainability efforts.

It intends to conduct an online survey to demonstrate sustainability projects and policies of universities around the world.

The collecting and sending information is straightforward and takes the officer's work reasonably to rank greens metric. Since 2010 to the present day, 2021, universities participated in the global ranking of 956, which showed that UI Green metric became known as the first and only global sustainability university ranking.

Ref:Overall Rankings 2021 - UI GreenMetric



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