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The School of Political and Social Sciences led a team of faculty members to receive the Super KPI 1.1.3-1.1.5 certificates in the "UPILI Open House


       On Tuesday, September 19, 2023, the School of Political and Social Sciences, led by Associate Professor Dr. Montra Phongnil, the Dean, and the faculty members, participated in the "UPILI Open House 2023" project at the Innovation Learning Institute Building, University of Payao. This project aims to showcase the results of organizational development, quality education improvement, and the development of learning resources and innovations in various forms. Additionally, it aims to develop grassroots economies within one year, allowing the public to become aware of these initiatives.

       Associate Professor Dr. Supakorn Pongbangpho, the President of University of Phayao, presided over the inauguration of the Open House for the Innovation in Learning Institute and presented the Super Key Performance Indicator (Super KPI) 1.1.3 – 1.1.5 certificates as a source of inspiration and motivation to the university's staff.

       The Faculty of Political and Social Sciences honored five staff members with performance certificates. The details of the awards and their recipients are as follows:"

       Super KPI 1.1.3 - Innovation Project for Teaching and Learning Development:

Associate Professor Dr. Veera Lertsomphol was recognized for his work on "Innovative Teaching Methods, Specifically Jigsaw Technique, to Enhance Knowledge and Understanding in the Field of Public Administration and Study Methods."

       Super KPI 1.1.4 - Innovation Project for Community-Based Learning Management:

Assistant Professor Dr. Nawin Serthpol received recognition for his project titled "Community Learning Innovation through Online Media in the Community of Maekong Thong Village, Muang District, Payao Province."

       Super KPI 1.1.5 - Research Projects for Learning Management to Improve Community Quality of Life:

Assistant Professor Dr. Raksi Kiattibutra's project focused on "Innovative Teaching Management using Design Thinking to Enhance the Quality of Life in the Community: A Case Study of the Ban Tun Community, Payao Province."

Assistant Professor Dr. Numtip Smerchuar developed a project on "Community-Based Learning Activity Development through Problem-Centered Learning Management to Develop Leadership and Community Change Skills."

Assistant Professor Dr.Wannapa Tongdaeng's project involved "Innovative Curriculum Management for Community Development to Improve the Quality of Life of the Community through Activity-Based Approaches."

         The Faculty of Political Science and Social Sciences remains committed to supporting teaching and learning processes that emphasize community-based skills and align with the university's strategies. They aim to prepare and enhance the capabilities of individuals for a continuous and sustainable future.


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