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The School of Political and Social Sciences participates in the traditional almsgiving ceremony, Tak Bat Devo festivals, at Wat Pa Phra Ubalee.


     The School of Political and Social Sciences, in collaboration with the Central Office of University of Payao and the Student Activity Administration of University of Payao, organized the traditional almsgiving ceremony, Tak Bat Devo festivals, at Wat Pa Phra Ubalee, Mae Ka Sub-district, Mueang District, Payao Province. The event took place on Monday, October 30, 2023.

       Assistant Professor Dr. Chayanun Maneewan, Deputy Dean for Administration and Organizational Development, is assigned to lead the staff and students of the faculty to join the event. The purpose of the event was to encourage administrators, staff, students, and the local community in Mae Ka Sub-district to participate in preserving and revitalizing the cultural tradition of almsgiving in the Tak Bat Devo Festival. This cultural practice aimed to be a lasting tradition in Payao Province.

       Furthermore, the organizing committee collaborated with various departments to strengthen the relationships between the university, the temple, and the community. Items received after the almsgiving ceremony were utilized in the "Tan Tod" activity, where they were distributed to students and community members in need in the Mae Ka Sub-district.

       The almsgiving ceremony attracted a significant number of participants from the community, who contributed offerings such as candles, joss sticks, flowers, and various dry food items. These offerings were presented as a Buddhist act of merit to honor the Triple Gem. The event served as a means to uphold, preserve, and continue the traditional cultural practices of Buddhism in Payao Province.

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