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Digital Literary: An Educational Service Workshop

Digital Literary
Chiang Rai Campus held a workshop on Digital Literary on February 23, 2024, at R 501, Chiang Rai Campus, University of Phayao. The main objective of Workshop is to render educational service to society, which in turn well actualizes the University of Phayao’s resolution, “Wisdom for Community Empowerment.” Participated in the Workshop were 28 faculty and staff from schools, government agencies, and private organizations in Chiang Rai Province.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tipchan Wongchanta, Director of Chiang Rai Campus, gave a welcoming remark, touching upon the significance of having digital literacy as a golden key to effectively unlock the doors of opportunities and success, both at a personal and organizational levels, in the present era of communication technology.

Chiang Rai Campus had an honor from Ms. Nilubon Ping-Mueng-Lek, a computer expert from Center for Information Technology and Communication Services (CITCOMS), University of Phayao, to conduct the Workshop. The topics included Page Layout, Paragraph Setting, Font, Tables, Photos, Drawings, Graphs, Automatic Table of Content, and Section Differentiation. The Workshop also covered many important issues such as how to document and edit template, how to secure the document with password, and how to use Microsoft Office Word effectively.

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