University of Phayao raises research on the production of quality beef cattle to participate in Thailand Research Expo 2022

11/8/2565 15:11:36น. 761
Thailand Research Expo 2022

University of Phayao led by Professor Dr. Samur  Thanoi, Vice President for Research and Innovation together with staff of the Division of Research Administration participated in exhibitions and presentations in Thailand Research Expo 2022 organized by the National Research Agency (NRC) during  August 1-5, 2022 at Centara Grand Hotel and Bangkok Convention Center, Central World, Bangkok under the concept "Research to develop the country towards stability, prosperity and sustainability".


This year, University of Phayao submitted research and innovation to develop the value-creating economy and participate in exhibitions in the name of Quality beef cattle production project to increase income for Phayao farmers in the development model to increase the efficiency of beef calf production. Also support a unified parenting system and develop beef products to increase commercial value by Asst. Prof. Dr. Phayungsak Intawicha, Head of the Animal Science Program, School of Agriculture and Natural Resources. The exhibition distributes products that are the result of research projects, such as baked beef, dried smashing beef, satay Beef, skewers beef and beef fattening parts by the name of PhayaoBeef.


Many agencies, private sectors, and educational institutions responded to the exhibition, especially in the Highlight zone, where more than 20 research papers can be found, and one of them is bee food innovation that will solve the problem of bee food shortage, or during heavy rains, bees are unable to find them food by Dr. Khanchai Dhanmek, School of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Phayao, as a co-researcher on the project.





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11/8/2565 15:11:36น. 761
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