The CT Scan Center is now ready to serve at University of Phayao Hospital.

6/10/2564 9:14:54น. 1769

Associate Professor Supakorn  Pongbangpho, Ph.D. President, University of Phayao presided over the merit ceremony and opening ceremony of the CT Scan Center which the cooreration between University of Phayao Hospital, School of Medicine and Tomograb Co., Ltd., a Sima Corporation group, to provide patient diagnosis services with the high-speed computed tomography machine at least 64 slides for accuracy in finding and evaluating lesions, reduce the length of time it takes to be tested. Doctors can get better diagnostic information in disease treatment planning. As a result, the patients will receive better treatment. It is also enhancing the treatment of quality and standard medical standards of the hospital.

The CT Scan Center serves for the patients who come to receive services every day with 24 hours and include public holidays.

For more information, please contact: Tel. 0 5446 6666 ext. 7293 , 09 6997 9136





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6/10/2564 9:14:54น. 1769
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The CT Scan Center is now ready to serve at University of Phayao Hospital.

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