University of Phayao receives plaque for consumer protection beneficiaries Agency 2021

20/5/2565 16:30:32น. 896
receives plaque
On Friday, April 29, 2022, Office of the Consumer Protection Commission awarded a plaque for consumer protection beneficiaries Agency 2021 to University of Phayao, where 13 agencies were received. President of Phayao University, Associate Professor Dr. Supakorn Pongbangpho assigned to Vice President for Finance and University Communications, Associate Professor Dr. Direk Teeraputhon together with Dean of the School of Law, Assistant Professor Udom Ngammuangsakul to be representative to receive the plaque. Mr. Anucha Nakasai, Minister of the Prime Minister's Office as Chairman of the Consumer Protection Committee presided over the opening ceremony and honored the "Thai Consumer Protection Day 2022" at Centra Hotel, Centara Civic & Convention Center Chaengwattana Bangkok.

On April 30th of every year, it is designated as "Thai Consumer Protection Day" to commemorate the remembrance of King Bhumibol the Great, who has been appointed to enact the Consumer Protection Act. He was adopted on April 30, 1979, which was the Thailand's first law aimed at protecting consumer rights. For 43 years, Thailand has enacted the Consumer Protection Act to protect the rights of citizens to be fair and safe from everyday purchases of goods or services, as well as to encourage business operators to exercise caution when selling products or providing consumer services that are directly beneficial to the people and have a positive effect on society as well as the nation.

The Consumer Protection Commission is the primary responsible for protecting consumer rights in order to ensure fairness in purchasing goods or services by encouraging, supporting and supervising the correct trading of goods or services and helping consumers who have suffered and been damaged by the actions of business operators, as well as raising awareness of consumer rights for people to realize consumer rights.





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20/5/2565 16:30:32น. 896
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University of Phayao receives plaque for consumer protection beneficiaries Agency 2021

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