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     UP New Student Orientation


UP New Student Orientation


On July 12, 2019, University of Phayao, led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Supakorn Pongbangpho, the President, gave a warm welcome to new students in celebration of the 2019 New Student Orientation Day. Fresh and excited new students, 4,331 of them, from the 18 schools of University eagerly gathered at Sanguansermsri Indoor Stadium to receive good advice from the President on how to live and learn wisely as young people seeking quality education at University of Phayao.

Besides the Post-test Awards given to 18 students from different disciplines, the Orientation was made even more meaningful when every new student received a pitcher for drinking water from the University’s executives. Such is a good sign and reminder for all to save water and environment from plastic wastes.

Congratulations to all new students for such a good start. As an idiom goes, “Well begun is half done,” your future goal is half accomplished.


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