Inequality in the Digital Technology

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Inequality in the Digital Technology

Those of us who are reading articles on mobile phones or using social media applications right now may feel that access to communication technology in the digital age is a common. It may be to be shocked or surprised to know that someone hasn't used or failed to do.

Personally, even though I always work to drive civic communications but sometimes I feel like the basics communications such as using a cell phone, connecting to the internet or taking photos with a phone or checking the internet or phone costs, are no need to be discussed. But when I have the opportunity to work in empowering the use of digital technology for the public. I found that there are still enormous gaps or inequalities in digital technology. So how can we reduce inequality?

Community Media Learning Center, University of Phayao is an operational research project driven by staff of the new media communications department and support staff who oversee the communications laboratory together with the School of Business and Communication Arts, University of Phayao. We set out our mission to reduce digital inequality by using a workshop training and providing media education to all sectors of the public. It is funded by the NBTC Thailand. There are the Office of Networking and Public Engagement, Thai PBS television and Phayao TV are strong co-operating networks.
From 1 January 2021 until March 2022, people are participating in digital communication workshops. They have been working on community storytelling and mobile media production more than 600 people. Community Media Learning Center, University of Phayao has a training model include online and on site, providing co-creation workshops from demand design to follow-up after training, and in addition to having workshops, we also provide production studios for communities or the public who want to learn and enhance media production skills while lending them the necessary equipment and media work, as well as disseminating the media work of various groups of people to empower them to empower communication.

Community Media Learning Center, University of Phayao believes that empowering communication for ordinary people, people who are disadvantaged to be able to use communication tools are one of the key success to improve the quality of life for people and increase the voice or expression for society to recognize and accept their existence.
No matter who you are, if you are interested in developing knowledge and communication skills by communicating for yourself or social community, the Community Media Learning Center, Phayao University, is ready to be a part of everyone's learning.

For more information, please contact Community Media Learning Center, University of Phayao, School of Business and Communication Arts, University of Phayao.
Tel : +66954471842 E-mail : or our facebook page :

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phattar Burarak
School of Business and Communication Arts




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Inequality in the Digital Technology

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