UP signed MOU with SkillLane to develop a Blended Learning system through online learning system

17/11/2565 16:12:15น. 107
MOU Blended Learning system

University of Phayao signed  MOU with SkillLane to develop a Blended Learning system to students which offer for learners to have a pre-study via the online system.

On Monday, November 14, 2022, the School of Sciences, University of Phayao signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Skillen Education Co., Ltd. to develop a Blended Learning system.

University of Phayao and SkillLane Education Co., Ltd. have developed an academic partnership which consists of management online courses on the Skill lane platform via the internet to increse educational opportunities for students to access knowledge. Academic content and curriculum in various subjects, teaching and evaluation process, the university lecturer are the design managers. SkillLane Education Co., Ltd. is the manager of the online course program system and making the public relations, sign up, data procession in accordance with the regulations prescribed by the university, which will be considerate for credite transfer to the university system.

SkillLane Education Co., Ltd. has been operating the educational platform for a long time, with approximately 7 universities collaborating on non-degree, short course, credit bank, pre- degree, as well as complete teaching, which currently has more than 300,000 students, with more than 1,000 online courses from more than 300 instructors nationwide. It is a new educational arrangement that provides the public with the opportunity to study extensively, benefiting in career development and developing the country further and faster.

In the past, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation has joined forces with SkillLane to launch a pilot program to create the National Credit Bank System (NCBS) to promote lifelong learning to support the development of people of all ages, allowing learners who do not need student status to be able to apply academic performance and learning outcomes from subjects and courses or apply work experience to transfer and accumulate credits to the National Credit Bank System, that can be used to obtain a degree from a Thai higher education institution or to report the cumulative learning outcomes of the learners.

The duties of the National Credit Bank System are as follows:

1. Collect information on the accumulation of learners' credits.

2. Link the credit from the institution with the National Credit Bank.

3. Learners can run, browse accumulated credits.

4. Safety, learners can learn what their needs. Choose to learn according to their preferences and encourage Thai people to have more learning and throughout their lives.







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17/11/2565 16:12:15น. 107
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UP signed MOU with SkillLane to develop a Blended Learning system through online learning system

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