The Center for Energy and Environmental Research, SEEN develops HALAL food identity.

16/9/2565 14:44:01น. 1086
 HALAL food identity.
The Center for Energy and Environmental Research, SEEN develops HALAL food identity.

Assistant professor Dr. Sukthai Pongpatanasiri, Director of Center for Energy and Environmental Research lead the research team consisting of: Dr. Surat satpho, Dr. Wimonrat Sritisarn and Miss Chollada Karjai to promote the identity of local HALAL food products for tourism to domestic consumers and the global market. This is supported by a research grant from the National Research Agency (NRC) at Jeh ha sub-district, Takbai district, Narathiwat Province. The main objective is to communicate the identity through halal local food products that are good environmentally, with carbon footprint (CFP) marking. Including support a green market in the tourist area of the southern and for sale as snacks and souvenirs product for people.

On this occasion, Assistant professor Dr. Sukthai Pongpatanasiri and his team had met Mr. Panchaporn Panthasen, Manager, KulauThong. Mae Pad Ltd. and visited the manufacturing Factory of threadfin salted-fish to advise and support the assessment of the product carbon footprint and the application for permission to use the carbon footprint mark is another academic service to society, communities and the nation, who have adopted the government's plans and policies in accordance with the 13th National Economic and Social Development Plan to move towards becoming an organization with net zero commitment.





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16/9/2565 14:44:01น. 1086
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