Wai Kru and White Coat ceremony at School of allied Health Sciences (AHS News)

10/7/2566 10:51:49น. 933
Wai Kru and White Coat ceremony at School of allied Health Sciences (AHS News)

On Thursday 6th, June 2023. AHS held a “Wai Kru ceremony 2023” held at UB001 hall, 99th anniversary of Prakru Ubaleekunoopakarn building in which students from both programs namely Medical Technology (MT) and Physical Therapy (PT) joined the event. 


Wai Kru ceremony has long been accepted as the tribute of respect from students to teachers and represented a good manner of Thai tradition for centuries. Asst. Prof. Dr. Puttipong Poncumhak, Dean of AHS, had declared the events starting from lighting up the sticks to pay respect to the great Buddha statue and honored students who received a certificate in excellency of study. The other academic staff had also been invited to witness the certificate recipients by attending the award ceremony. 


The other event was “white Coat ceremony” for both MT and PT students which was held to ratify the importance of professions for both programs. The event also emphasized the roles and duties of MT and PT, the pride of career, ethics in professions, and responsibilities across the health care industry At the end of the event, the head of the study program gave a speech to congratulate students who received the white coat at the event and delivered the oath together with all attended students. 


Finally, the first-year students were given an opportunity to congratulate their sophomore and senior peers with a bunch of flowers. 




ภาพ :   ชมรมถ่ายภาพมหาวิทยาลัยพะเยา   
ข้อมูล/ข่าว :    Dech Dokpuang, PhD, JARIMET PAITOON   
เพิ่มข่าวโดย :   jarimet.pa@up.ac.th   
10/7/2566 10:51:49น. 933
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