Institute for Innovative Learning, University of Phayao, Exploring the Ban Bua area, Mae Ka Subdistrict, Mueang District, Phayao Province, to develop

15/11/2566 11:11:34น. 673

PHAYAO - THAILAND, November 10, 2023: The Executive Committee of the Innovative Learning Institute, University of Phayao, consists of Assistant Professor Dr.Namngern Chantaramanee, Director , Assistant Professor Dr.Narin Nonthanand and Assistant Professor Angkhana Pantuak, Deputy Director with staff visited Ban Bua village to meet with the Mr. Niwet Chaiyakantha, village headman and Mr. Thanapat Oaimun Subdistrict Non-Formal and Informal Education teachers the community leaders of Ban Bua for data collection for planning the development of open educational resources and the development of human resources in the community for a creative economy, pushing for development to be a source of creativity.




ภาพ :   UPILI   
ข้อมูล/ข่าว :    Assistant Professor Dr.Narin Nonthanand /Thananannad Hanlert   
เพิ่มข่าวโดย :   
15/11/2566 11:11:34น. 673
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