SEEN recognition the "Gold Level" award; the products development and value-added "Crab Paste” brand "Yaay Kam."

25/1/2567 16:04:52น. 118
University of Phayao
On January 25, 2024, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Torpong Kreetachat, the Dean of the School of Energy and Environment -SEEN, along with Dr. Poramate Sittisun, Assistant Dean (Project Head), School members, and staff participated in the competition and exhibition of project outcomes titled " 1 faculty 1 Smart Community Project" at the 13th National Conference, Phayao Research "FRONTIER AREA BASED RESEARCH FOR SUSTAINABILITY DEVELOPMENT GOALS."

In this event, they presented the development of value-added products from the local community enterprise, the processing of “Ong Maan Poo” or “Crab Paste” in Ban Mai Village, Mueang, Phayao Province. This initiative was an extension of the U2T for BCG project, employing automatic extraction technology to enhance production efficiency. The project aimed to elevate the quality of crab paste products by developing packaging and adjusting product sizes for convenient distribution to specific customer groups. The products were marketed under the brand name "Yaay Kam." The project received recognition and was honored with the "Gold Level" project award by University of Phayao.




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25/1/2567 16:04:52น. 118
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