SEEN and members has recognized an honorable award in the 13th Phayao Research Conference.

26/1/2567 16:20:58น. 128
University of Phayao
On January 26, 2024, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Torpong Kreetachat, the Dean of School of Energy and Environment -SEEN, (Project leader), along with Mr.Suphalerk Khaowdang, a researcher and the Bio-black community enterprise from Chun District, Phayao Province, participated in an exhibition showcasing Social Innovation Driving Unit (SID) in the Northern Upper Region. The event was organized by the National Innovation Agency (NIA) for the fiscal year 2566. The project presented was titled "Enhancing the Moisture Reduction Efficiency of Organic Sticky Rice in Phayao for the Granola Product Using a Radiation Drying System Combined with Intelligent Temperature Control in Bio-Circular-Green Economy Model (BCG)."
This project was part of the 13th National Conference Phayao Research themed "FRONTIER AREA BASED RESEARCH FOR SUSTAINABILITY DEVELOPMENT GOALS." The project received an honorable mention in the Innovation for Outstanding Community Award for the fiscal year 2566, as evaluated by a qualified committee.

Additionally, the members from SEEN were recognized with the following awards:
1. Asst. Prof. Dr. Rattapoom Prommana received the Intellectual Property Owner Researcher Award with Commercial Application.
2. Asst. Prof. Dr. BURAN PHANSAWAN received a winning award in the Innovation for Outstanding Community Award for the fiscal year 2565.




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26/1/2567 16:20:58น. 128
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