The University of Phayao's Division of General Affairs is currently organizing Training Activities for Writing Operational Manuals

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The University of Phayao
The University of Phayao's Division of General Affairs is currently organizing training activities for writing operational manuals.

           The University of Phayao places a high priority on the development of personnel capabilities, with the goal of enhancing their knowledge and skills. To achieve this, the university encourages personnel to strive for higher positions in alignment with the university's strategic plan for personnel development. In order to streamline human resource management operations, the university has established a guiding framework. This framework enables the University of Phayao to effectively pursue its objectives through various training activities. As part of the human resource development plan, the Division of Personnel at the University of Phayao has compiled an operational manual. This manual serves as a tool for personnel to learn and improve their workflow efficiency.

            On March 8th, the Division of General Affairs at the University of Phayao organized a training activity for writing operational manuals as part of the Division's development project. The President of the University, Associate Professor Dr. Supakorn Phongbangpho, assigned Vice President for University Communications, Associate Professor Dr. Direk Teeraputon, to preside over the opening of the activity. Associate Professor Dr. Paninthara Teeranon, Assistant to the President, also participated in the event, along with Mrs. Nuthtida Chawnan, Director of the Division of General Affairs, who reported on the purpose of the event. The training took place from March 8th to March 9th, 2024, at the M2 Hotel Waterside and Gateway Hotel in Mueang District, Phayao Province. The event was honored by Ms. Patthama Chaksurat, Director of the Center for Promotion and Competency Development of Supporting Staff in Higher Education Institutions, who served as a speaker to enhance the potential of personnel and improve work processes for more efficient and higher job positions with limitless development.





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15/3/2567 12:10:46น. 133
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