The School of Political Science and Social Sciences Develops, Improves and Organizes the Opening Ceremony of the School's Garden

27/3/2567 14:00:21น. 47

     School of Political Science and Social Sciences has developed and improved the School’s garden named “Suan Tai Rom Ratthapat (Under the Umbrella of Rattha-Phat Garden)”. In the garden’s opening ceremony by being honored by Associate Professor Dr. Supakorn Phongbangpho, President of the University of Phayao, presided over the ceremony along with the Vice Rectors, Assistant Rectors, the School’s administrators and staffs and students including other School’s administrators, security officers and housekeepers work in the Phukamyao building attended the ceremony on 21-22 January 2024 at the garden. The objective of this project is to motivate the staff and students of the School to see the value and importance of having and using garden space. And to promote cooperation in preserving the School’s garden as a space for carrying out various activities in a sustainable way.

    The garden of the School began to be developed from 2022 onwards due to the policy of increasing and maintaining green areas of the University of Phayao. In 2023, the garden was further improved and developed, such as, green and activity areas, and the creation of mascot for the School, namely the Kalok (a traditional percussion instrument used to gather community leaders) as a symbol of the executive officers, administrators and development workers, the expected output of the School of Political and Social Sciences, University of Phayao. In response to the policy of the University of Phayao and part of the 2023-2028 vision and policy of the School of Political Science and Social Sciences, namely "Livable, fun, and worth studying", the garden is considered as the shady areas for relaxation and various activities of the School's staff and students. And besides, the garden provides open services to personnel and students of various schools to run activities in the Phukamyao Building.

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