SEEN organized activities to develop student leadership potential at Phetchaburi Province.

9/5/2567 7:03:16น. 63
University of Phayao
Dr.Surat Sedpho, Deputy Dean for Student Development, Advisor for the School of Energy and Environmental (SEEN) Student Club, along with alumni of the SEEN, led a team of student clubs and nature conservation societies at University of Phayao. They carried out activities to prepare and develop student leadership potential by providing opportunities for everyone to participate in designing student activities during the academic year 2024. The relationship-building activities between current students and alumni took place from May 3rd to 6th, 2024, at The Space Resort, Cha-am, Phetchaburi Province. The activities were filled with fun, warmth, and authenticity of both alumni and current students.




ภาพ :   นางสาวจิราภรณ์ ไชยสาร   
ข้อมูล/ข่าว :    นางสาวจิราภรณ์ ไชยสาร TH/ นายกฤษณะ วิรัตน์เกษม Eng   
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9/5/2567 7:03:16น. 63
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