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What is the UI Green Metric World University Ranking?

Universitas Indonesia (UI) initiated the World University Rankings in 2010, later known as the UI Green Metric University Ranking to measure university sustainability efforts. The intention is to take action via online surveying to rank Projects and policies on sustainability at universities around the world.

In normally, it was ranked on the concept of the environment, economy and fairness. Indicators and Categories in the rankings are related to the concept and designing of the weight of the score to be as bias-free as possible and using the time to work in reasonably rank for Green Metric. In 2010, there were 95 universities from 35 countries divided into 18 from America, 35 from Europe, 40 from Asia and 2 from Oceania.

In 2020, there were 922 universities participated in the global rankings, which showed that UI Green Metric was known as the first and only global sustainability university ranking.

The UI Green Metric World University Ranking 2020 of University of Phayao scored 6,325 points out of 10,000 points, ranked 260th out of 922 universities worldwide and 17th out of 36 universities in Thailand. This year, The University of Phayao has a better ranking from 2019 (ranked 407th in the world) and we will continue to improve to increase its score and better order in the coming years.

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