SEEN Researcher organized workshop of "Spatial Water Management of Local Administrative Organizations (LAO) with Basic Digital Technology"

27/3/2567 14:37:34น. 56
University of Phayao
On March 26, 2567, the Dean of the school of Energy and Environment (SEEN), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Torpong Kreetachat, along with Assistant Dean for Administration, Asst. Prof. Dr. Anusorn Boonpoke, participated as speaker deliver to inaugurate a practical training workshop on the topic of "Spatial Water Management of Local Administrative Organizations (LAO) with Basic Digital Technology". This workshop was conducted as part of the research project "Development of Smart Water Management of Local Administrative Organizations in Phayao Province Using Digital Technology to Address Drought Issues", held at Phayao University. The project received funding support from the Local Administration and Development Fund (LADF) for the fiscal year 2566, with Associate Professor Dr. Mr.Sittichai Pimonsree serving as the project leader.

This project collaboration from various external organizations, including Phayao Provincial Administration Organization, Phrae Provincial Administration Organization, Chiang Rai Provincial Administration Organization, Phayao Meteorological Station, and the Office of the National Water Resources, Region 1. The aim was to manage local water resources, particularly in the leading communities of Mae Na Ruea and Mae Sai, Phayao Province.




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27/3/2567 14:37:34น. 56
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